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Herpes and ED

Be aware if you are sexually active!

Be aware if you are sexually active!

Have you ever heard about genital herpes? Have you ever had a sexual partner disclosing that he/she has it? Are your answers positive? In this case there is a high probability that you are infected. Even if you are not, you’d better read this article with more information of genital herpes. First of all, calm down because herpes is not End of Days. This is a very common disease, which almost do not disturb you if your immune system is strong enough. Though, you will live with this virus until the death. In other words there is no cure.  But antiviral medications and sexual protection will help to minimize transmission almost entirely.


You can find a lot of myths about it. But at least one truth we can prove – a career can have no idea that he has this virus because it can be not obvious. First we would like to start with the information that herpes is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Listen! It does not mean that you can catch it by touching the same handle the infected person touches or from a toilet seat. Herpes virus cells do not exist in the air for very long time. But if you touch the skin in the place where there is a sore – the chances are high. And if we speak about sex of course it can be transmitted with sex toys. And as other STD it is spread through the genital-anal area. The kisses with an infected person are a direct way to the virus and even hand shake can be dangerous if there is an open cut on your hand.

What about sex?

Be your guest! There are no restrictions especially if your partner is also infected. And knowing the statistics specifying that 1 in 5 persons have herpes, there are strong chances that the both partners have it. The only thing that should be remembered that if it is activated and sores around the genitals or bottom appear the sex should be postponed until a patient gets rid of those blisters. And if herpes is on a mouth it is recommended to refuse from having sexual intercourse or unprotected oral sex as far as it will be spread to the genitals. By the ways the genital sores cannot be transmitted to face or rather this can be extremely rare.

During the sexual intercourse it is highly recommended to use condoms, though you should understand that they do not prevent genital herpes entirely. They just reduce the risk of transmission and even this effect is not possible in all cases as far as the blisters can appear in the areas that cannot be protected with a condom.

Herpes and ED

According to the researches held in Taiwan genital herpes can influence on erectile dysfunction. Moreover both these deviations are related to cardiovascular conditions. The specialists insist that men infected with genital herpes are more than twice as likely to have problems with erections. This increased risk has not been explained yet but the scientists have been watching the participators of the experiment during four years and have defined that there is a connection between this virus and impotence. There is a theory that herpes causes inflammation which in its turn causes the problems with heart and blood pressure which as it is known directly impact the ability of a man to get an erection. Besides, they think that the virus leads to creation of fat blocks in arteries, which prevent blood from free circulation and moving to penis causing the problems with erection. And once again we should say that herpes can be caught not only via penetrative sex. Different types of contact may lead to infection: genital to genital, genital to skin of any part of the body, mouth to genital. Even the blisters and sores are not present the infection is possible. And do not hurry to suspect your partner in adultery. The virus can appear lots of years ago before the relationships without any symptoms during this time.

In sum

So if we continue talking about herpes, we should remind you that it will last for the whole life. All that needs to be done in the case of infection is to keep it in a latent phase without any symptoms obvious. The virus hides in cells and does not bother a patient. But still an infected person can be dangerous for a healthy one. Living in nerve system the virus appears on the skin of that part of the body where there is a nerve with virus hidden in it. In order to prevent outbreaks a patient should turn to a doctor and get the correspondent recommendations. One of the simplest way to forget about the possible blisters is to take Lysine and in order to have a sexual intercourse with uninfected person you should apply the protection like condoms which help to prevent transmission. There are some mediations, which are prescribed to take just before sex to make safe but they are not 100% in preventing shedding.

Summarizing the above we should say that if your partner has genital herpes just as you do, then your sexual life can just as it was without any additional measures to be taken to prevent infection of a healthy part.