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Blisters around your genitals? Finding proper Herpes treatment


Reasons for Genital Herpes

This quite common health problem is caused by sexually transmitted herpes simplex viruses. As one of Venus’s curses Genital Herpes is called also in literature and articles as STD or sexually transmitted disorder. Diagnosis “Genital Herpes” is quite widespread. Almost 16% of adults had an experience of suffering from this STD. The information below describes how to recognize and treat Genital Herpes. It is mainly related to male, although pregnant women also will find some useful recomendations.

What are the general symptoms of herpes?

The herpetic virus comes with quite painful fluid-filled blisters. The bumps may break open. And when it happens, a fluid is seeped outside. An outbreak of blisters usually comes from 2-3 to 28-30 days after a first contact with the virus. Both males and females experience sores as a general symptom. Man can notice blisters around his penice, anus or near the scrotum. These are general symptoms for males. Women also may find blisters near their genitals. There are some other quite widespread symptoms, common for both sexes, which will be listed below.

What exactly causes Genital Herpes?

The disorder is transmitted sexually by two types of viruses: HSV-1 and HSV-2. The first herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) mainly affects the area around the mouth and lips. Sometimes we take it for a simple “cold sores” and do not take any serious measures. Although HSV-1 also entirely possible may cause genital herpes, it is more likely caused by herpes HSV-2. And notably man experiencing HSV-2 sometimes finds sores around any location, not necessarily in the genital area.

The HSV-2 and HSV-1 viruses come in blood through a mucous coat. Thin membranes of tissue may be found in mouth or genitals (which are both involved in sexual intercourse). After penetrating the body viruses connect to the cells, being very easily adapted by all organs and systems. That is why it is so difficult to find and treat herpes viruses.

Herpes simplex virus may be easily found in fluids (e.g. saliva or semen). Man can get an infection from a woman with her vaginal secretion. During childbirth herpes may be transmitted by a baby from the pregnant woman through her genitals.

How to recognize the Herpes Symptoms?

Besides blisters appearing around lips or genitals, herpes symptoms include:

  • Itching or prickly tingling on the infected site before the blisters appear.
  • Cankering and erosion of fluid blisters.
  • During one week after the outbreak you will notice some new scabies over the sores.
  • Lymph nodes enlarge because of fighting with inflammation in body organs.
  • Pyrexia, blind headache and general aches.

A newborn baby catching the Herpes Viruses through mother’s genitals may be covered with cankers all over the body.  Genital Herpes is very dangerous for babies as they may experience loss of sight, brain disorders and even death. Usually doctors take special care on pregnant women with Herpes. They are prescribed with set of medications for preventing viruses transmitting. Caesarean operations are practiced more often for women with Genital Herpes, than usual vaginal birth. It is important because herpes has a lot of extremely negative side-effects for babies.

Herpes Diagnosis

Herpes is diagnosed with the routine visual examination. If a doctor notices sore or other vivid symptoms typical for Herpes Symplex, he directs a patient to a laboratory to confirm the diagnosis through a test. Herpes simplex virus may be recognized before an outbreak of blisters in a laboratory. Thus even if a man have not experienced any symptoms yet, he may ask his physician for an appointment card.

    1. How to treat Genital Herpes virus?

As many other viruses herpes simplex can not be treated by external agents, but therapy may simplify and reduce the symptoms. Thus the healing time will accelerate and intoxication caused by virus diseases will be diminished. There are two main ways of HSV treatment:

  • Intermittent therapy. Some antiviral medications have intermittent effect. It means that they are prescribed once after appearing of symptoms for another flare-up preventing. Taking this medicine will rapid a healing and lighten the symptoms of disease.
  • Suppressive therapy. If the disease becomes chronicle and a patient experiences Herpes continually (more than 6 times a year), physician may prescribe an everyday suppressive therapy. Symptoms may be significantly reduced or entirely eliminated.

Home Care

Everyday hygiene should include washing in warm water with soft cleansers. At the same time it is better to stay the infected area clean and dry. Clean cotton clothing will help to maintain comfortable healing conditions.

What is necessary to know if you are waiting for a baby from woman with Genital Herpes?

Families where both parents have sexually transmitted problems should take special care of their health during pregnancy. Genital herpes may be transmitted to a child during a vaginal delivery. Also it may cause some complications for a pregnant woman and embryo (such as misbirth or premature delivery). That is why it is important to consult with your physician on question of pregnancy-safe treatments and possible Cesarean.

    1. How to prevent Genital Herpes?

Using condoms is the safest way of preventing Genital Herpes and other sexually transmitted disorders. Despite of the fact that there is still no effective healing for genital herpes, it may be successfully lessened with special medication. Sometimes the virus is temporary inactive, but then, after an outbreak it brings a lot of problem. And these outbreaks generally happen when we are extremely stressed or tired. Thus, manage your stress and you will need any special treatment plan for fighting with Herpes.